So, just how does this photography process work? Contact > Contract > Shoot > Edit > Turn over > Print. First, get in touch with me to schedule a shoot or to see if your wedding date is available. We'll iron out details, set a date and time, get a contract drawn up, and get a deposit (weddings require more planning than other shoots, and can be done through e-mail, phone conversations, or over coffee). We shoot, I edit the images and generally submit a few of my favorites online for you to preview. When all of the post-processing is finished, you'll receive a disc of proofing images in the mail, and a link + password to your private online gallery where you can view your images and order products that will make your memories come to life.

How long will it take me to get my photographs? How many images can I expect to receive? It generally takes 2-3 weeks to get family photographs fully edited, weddings can take up to 3 months. In general, I try to beat my own deadlines, and I upload at least a few teaser images for you in the wait time. Generally, a rule of thumb is to expect anywhere from 100-250+ images per hour of shooting; weddings can certainly clock in more. If you're in a rush, expedited editing is available at an additional cost.

Why don't you give out digital files? I've spent hours (seriously; editing averages between 2-8 hours per every hour shot) editing your photographs, and I want them to look their absolute best when they are hanging in your home, or being flipped through on your coffee table. Sure, your big-box store can print for pennies, but the quality suffers for it. Here is a link with a great comparative between big box and custom professional printing.  If you would like digital images to use in save-the-dates or similar projects, downloads are available at $15 per image.

Can you make me skinnier/taller/tanner/etc? No. You are uniquely you, and I won't be using any digital tricks to change you. I will, however, shoot at flattering angles, remove flyaways, zap zits, and do other minor touch up to make you look your best. I won't make any drastic alterations. I will, however, totally photoshop your head on to a turkey or embrace other silly requests.

Do you photograph headshots/parties/live music/funerals/proposals/products/clothing lines/etc? Yep! I photograph just about anything that crosses my path; it always makes for a good experience to break from the general family/wedding/food work. Shooting costs change based on each project, so please contact me for an estimate.

What should I wear for my shoot? Keeping your clothing simple and well-fitting is always a good rule of thumb; really busy patterns, big logos, and anything too matchy-matchy (I’m talking to you, folks planning a shoot in identical jeans + white button downs for every. single. family member!) are all things to avoid. Embrace layering, and colors that are flattering to your skin tone and color. In group family shoots, a common color palette is suggested. You can always bring a change of outfits along, too! Clothing is a great way to express yourself, so take this advice with a grain of salt and wear what is true to you. When in doubt, ask me for some feedback or suggestions!

What can I bring to my shoot? A nice blanket to sit down on never goes amiss, and your family pooch is always welcome to tag along (give me a heads up first, though! - especially as you’ll probably need someone who isn’t part of the shoot to be a pup wrangler). If you've got little ones: snacks, favorite toys, anything special that you would like to include, and/or a change of clothing are all suggested. Engagements and other shoots can also bring other outfits and special items that you'd like to use as props, but most important to bring along with you is a willingness to have fun!

Can you incorporate my pets in to our shoot? Sure! Pets are a part of the family, but please consult with me before the shoot so we can plan accordingly. Generally it's good to have someone else on hand to help with your critters.

Will you travel to photography my family or my wedding? Is the sky blue? Absolutely! Travel is one of my favorite aspects of my work; please contact me for an estimate on travel costs.

Can you tell me how to make a website like yours/give me advice on editing/help me with my photography business? Sure! My consulting fee is $95 per half hour, $175 per full hour.

Got another question I haven't covered? Shoot me an e-mail or give me a call/text and I'll be happy to answer your query!