Michael + Michelle || Love Point, Maryland

Rain, rain, go away! Well, actually - ya know what? You can stay. No, seriously. Michael and Michelle prepared for everything on their big day, but most especially, they were ready for any weather with their friends and family and a few well placed umbrellas on their spectacular wedding. 


I was greeted by both Michelle and Michael in their separate readying rooms with HUGE hugs and instantaneous geek outs about the day ahead - which, if you know 'em, is pretty normal. If you don't, it's just one example of their energetic and effervescent personalities. These two are all about being in the moment, and showing love to everyone around them.

With the grey skies, the spring green landscape mellowed out, while the pops of color in flowers (both firmly rooted in the ground and hand-held) were dazzling. We had a gorgeous little first look surrounded by roses, followed by a few portraits before the ceremony along the water.

The drizzle slowed no one down from marching down the aisle to watch the I-Do's, and the rain itself even tapered off and stayed off our backs for long enough to get all of our group photos done. Bonus - we had plenty of time to ham it up with the wedding party!


Once the rain kicked back in, so did the dance party at full scale. These guests threw down, y'all. And even better? At least half a dozen people were streaming the Capitals game between tearing it up on the dance floor. 

And of course, I can't resist a good romp in the rain with some off-camera lighting. I LOVE how these shots turned out. *insert all the heart-eyed emojis here*

Goodness gracious, what a night! Congratulations again to these sweeties - truly an honor to photograph this dynamic, drizzly, deliriously happy day! -MEJ