Steph + Jimmy, and the Very Snowy Engagement Shoot

What do you do when you're getting record breaking snow accumulation?  Besides the obvious mad dash for milk and bread and toilet paper, you plan for an engagement shoot, of course! 

I've been wanting to do a snow session for years, so I reached out to Steph the day the blizzard blew in to town to start plotting. Because of the nature of...well, nature, we had to be pretty flexible with timing and location, but Steph and Jimmy were total champs about it. Not only did they hike over from Annapolis, they put up with the chilly weather and trudged through sometimes knee-high snow -- all while lookin' totally fabulous. 

We were lucky to not only have a gorgeous blanket of snow to work with, but we also hit a really strong golden hour that day. Clear skies, low wind, and you couldn't have asked for better or more beautiful light! 

A big congratulations to these two adventurous souls on their engagement! Thanks to Steph and Jimmy for helping me scratch a big to-do off my list, and for being such a treat to work with. -MJ