The Waller Family - Round Five

Y'all, I apolgize. I know I probably sound like a broken record. I know you guys could probably say this for me by now. I know, but I'm sorry – we're gonna beat this horse one more time.

I love this job sososo much.




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The last few months have been some of the busiest I've ever had. Even taking off and running to Iceland for five and a half days was very, very closely bookended by family sessions (not to mention the 6k photos I did, and amount of sleep I did not, snag while there). I haven't gone more than three consecutive days without some shoot or another on the books in October. But even with this absolutely crazytown schedule and workload, I'm floating on quite happily, and I'm gonna chalk that up almost exclusively to how amazing all of my clients are. The Waller family is gonna get all that love directed to 'em in this blog post. But trust me, y'all – this applies to all of you guys that laugh at my terrible jokes, that totally let me bribe your kiddies to smile via lollipops, and that trust me with your biggest days and your tiniest family members (so don't be feelin' left out!).

So these guys – this crew is the epitome of why I love my job. I mean, just look at them. Point blank, they are absolutely beautiful, photogenic humans. They're also oh-so silly and sweet and polite. But there's a lot more to why they make me love my job, and I think all of that rests in how they love each other. 

And you can absolutely tell they love each other – the moment you step in to their home, you just feel it. But you can pick it up in other, more subtle ways, too.

They know that babies are gonna cry, so they make inside jokes about seagull sounds so there's laughter in those tears. They watch tumbles and falls during play, but they're quick to dust off knees and dry eyes. 

They pop in to make sure baby sister is okay, even during play time. They're quick to hug, and quicker to laugh. They touch in small, sweet ways without being asked. They give kisses between hysterical goofy faces. And I get to capture all of that. They pitch in ideas when they pop up, but mostly they just let me do my thing, and totally run with it.

I remember the first time they got in touch with me – it was their then-only kiddo's first birthday. I remember being tentative and nervous about including their props at their first session, but I also remember the looks on their faces when they told me they were expecting another little one. I remember the struggle I had with my editing style during our second shoot, but I remember Noah's eyes lighting up any time we'd talk about his new brother that was *almost* there. I remember fumbling with my flash usage in our third sessions, but I also remember scooping up a screaming toddler to grab a shot without him and that Aly just had to take a picture of me juggling my camera and her oldest. 

But mostly I remember all the laughter. I'm so glad these guys have invited me back again and again to share in those giggles, to make memories, and to take photos. 

(Don't worry, this is a composite image - no sisters were bodyslammed in this photo session.)

(Don't worry, this is a composite image - no sisters were bodyslammed in this photo session.)

So here we are, four years and five sessions later. Noah is now big brother two times over, Liam has grown like a weed, and Aly FINALLY has a little lady in the house to get girly with.

And here I am, changing right alongside this wonderful family in my own ways. I have an almost entirely new set of gear upgrades, my editing methods have changed and developed quite a lot, I've met so many fantastic people and traveled to some truly magical places. I'm less tentative and more confident in so many facets of this job.

And I'm literally getting teary-eyed seeing years of my photos hanging up all over the place in this home that's just full of love and laughter, about to make another round of pictures that will be cherished for years to come. It reminded me so acutely of why I love my job so much. 

This is not to say that I don't have days where my job makes me seriously think I'm insane for trying to do what I do. This is not to say that I don't have some clients that are rude or inconsiderate of the fact that this is actually a real job run by a real person trying to make a real living. But the good days (and I've had more than I can count in recent memory) always outweigh the bad. And this was a really, really good day. Thank you, Wallers. -MEJ