Danny + Jenn - Playa Del Carmen | Mexico

I met Danny and Jenn at my friend's birthday cookout. They were both super friendly, and we got chatting about their upcoming destination wedding just nine days away over delicious grilled dinner and cold beers. 'An intimate gathering on a beach, you say? Well that's exactly how I got my start doing wedding photography!' The conversation rolled on just a bit, and it turned out they only had a photographer for a few hours, and would I maybeperhapspotentially want to fly down Playa Del Carmen and shoot their special day instead? 

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Skip over the few logistical details we had to work out together, and the answer was a very resounding "YES!!!" I was legitimately giggling and rolling around on the floor after I got off the phone and everything was set in stone. All aboard to my first international wedding!

Full disclosure - this was all happening during my birthday week. I had a party with about 70+ people at my house Saturday, and I hopped on a plane from BWI early, early Sunday morning for the surprisingly quick flight to Cancรบn. I was pretty exhausted, but even more so excited! Flying over crystal blue waters somehow can revive even the weariest of souls.

Arriving in Playa Del Carmen was the most wonderful sensory overload - colors were incredibly vibrant, the people were supremely friendly, and the Riu resort was just charming beyond words. Needless to say, I settled in quickly and was tripping over myself over the amazing scenery I'd get to work with the next day.

A fun dinner meeting all of Danny and Jenn's family and friends, and a quick sleep + a dip in the ocean later and it was game time! 

Jenn's light cream colored dress was so beautiful, and reminiscent of the sandy aisle she'd soon be walking down.

A few happy and excited tears, and then Danny's first look at his beautiful bride to be. 

If you get married on the beach, it's gonna be REALLY popular. People will drop everything to watch, to laugh, and to cry along in their bikinis and swim trunks. 

It's also going to be breezy and beautiful and full of expansively beautiful views. Something about salty air and nervous smiles and 'I do's' just go so well together!

And then, of course, it's time to celebrate! Get a little giddy, grab a cocktail or two, and enjoy the momentous occasion. 

A little escape for some beach portraits....

...then dinner and dancing the night away!

A truly perfect day - make sure you check out the full gallery here! Huge congratulations to Danny and Jenn on their wonderful wedding. Thank you so much for the wonderful adventure and for including me in your big day! -MJ