Gerry + Marlyss - Chinatown | Washington, DC

So very excited to share these pictures! Gerry and Marlyss' big day in DC was SO.MUCH.FUN., my face hurt from grinning after the fact. There were so many incredible little details throughout, like the lacy pink Babycham shoes, which are made by the same holding company that makes Babycham sparkling wine...

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...or the Feeney's Irish cream liqueur + Bloom gin, which happen to be the happy couples surnames! And how perfect is it that the Bloom logo has two crossed o's? Totally perfect-o!

And it was oh-so-sweet to include the clutch + embroidered handkerchief + ring that belonged to Marlyss' mama.

And what about the gorgeous Saint Mary's church where 'I-do's were swapped, and bells were pulled by guests? Totally fun and unique! Be sure to check out the whole gorgeous day here!

Congratulations, Gerry and Marlyss! -MJ