Kate + Kyle's Wedding Weekend

A damp grey morning and storm-laden skies had no sway over the excitement and outpouring of love that made Kate and Kyle's wedding day.  Bright colors, big smiles, and a sweet sense of giddiness set the tone, starting with blue heels + a bursting yellow bouquet. 

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Kate's fuss-less dress was handmade by her aunt (how cool is that?!) - the pop of blue beneath really shown with her cheery yellow flowers.


This scene played out something like -
Kate: Mom, I need you to put my shoes on.
Penny: ...uh. okay. ....why?
Kate: Just do it.
Penny: Am I your something old?
Kate: No. I have my old, my new, now I just need the Penny in my Shoe.

A giggly first look...

...some sweet moments together...

...and off to the court house they go!

Note pictured: getting hollered at by the security guards for taking photographs in the lobby. Whoops? (Worth it!)

They'd managed, without much struggle, to coerce the famous cherry blossoms to be at their peak on their wedding day. That's talent.


A delicious lunch at the District Chophouse, and Friday was wrapped!

Saturday evening was spent at one of my very favorite spots in all of DC, Bluejacket!

Want more? Check out the full gallery here!

It's always such a treat to work with friends - and this was absolutely no exception! Thank you, Kate and Kyle, for letting me capture your wonderful wedding celebration. Wishing you both love and laughter for all of your days together! -m. ella