Kay + Cody's Engagement Session || Baltimore, Maryland

Kay had originally reached out to me for some simple holiday photos, and in the craziness that leads up to Thanksgiving, we never finalized a shooting date. That worked out for the best, because Cody popped the question to her the Friday after Turkeyday, so holiday photos became an engagement shoot!  

We started out at the Canton Waterfront with some soft golden light. I assumed we'd have great light for the rest of the shoot, which we did...

...the sun started dropping and making for some beautiful pastels.

1img-(111of266)IMG_8459 copy.JPG

We even grabbed some shots with strung lights in 'em, because 'tis the season - but the real winning light was the sunset when we made our way over to Federal Hill.

The sky was on fire! Every direction had a whole vibrant set of colors lighting up the clouds, and the Inner Harbor was full of great artificial light to contrast the sky.

1img-(222of266)IMG_8334-2 copy.JPG

Cheers to winter weather staying warm, and sunsets for making such blazingly beautiful light!