Jaime + Phil - French's Point | Maine

Okay - so normally I can crank out a preview decently fast for weddings. Jaime and Phil's big day? Totally not. Normally I shoot upwards of two thousand images, and maybe a third of them make the cut. Honestly, there are a ton of shots that just don't pass muster (thankfully I don't shoot film!) for whatever reason. For this particular weekend, I had well over three thousand images, and SO many of them are total gems. Working in such a breathtaking environment with such a lively and fun crowd means that this preview is just a teeny tiny fraction of the photos I've got for the whole shebang. But! Without further ado, here are my top picks - be sure to check out the full gallery link at the bottom of this post.

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner - soft mist on the hilltops, lobster bake, and a bonfire next to the ocean. I know it was my first trip this far up in to New England, but everything seemed pretty quintessentially Maine (and INSANELY delicious. seafood heaven!). French's Point was an amazing venue - a farmhouse from the 1700s hosted majority of the bridal party, and a huge manor on the point was there for the ceremony.

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Finest Kind Catering prepared what I can only call a feast. These photographs don't do justice to just how tasty that meal was. Then again, I'm a big fan of fresh-outta-the-ocean seafood, so I may be a little biased.

The morning looked grim. The forecast called for over 90% cloud cover for the day, and spots of rain. No matter, another day of shooting with some more of that beautiful muted light was a-okay with me.

And even in the constant drizzle of the morning, things were still so vibrant and full of life - a sure sign that the whole day would be beautiful, no matter the weather. Plus this group wasn't going to let a little precipitation put a damper on the day...

Checking the weather every twenty minutes to make sure the ceremony could still be held outside was part of the getting ready routine. There was solid confirmation that noggins would be dry, but even better than that - just a handful of minutes before the ceremony was to start, the clouds started to dissipate. Blue skies peeked out, and the sun came shining just in time for the guests to take their seats for "I-do"s

A quick little trip to the beach before cocktail hour...

...and then on to the festivities! 

Such a stunning sunset! Incredible to think that we were expecting nothing but grey skies, but got these vibrant colors instead. 


These kids? They know how to have a good time. Nonstop dancing and laughter on the floor all night!

Alright y'all, make sure you check out the full preview gallery here, there's a ton of images there. Congratulations to Jaime and Phil - thank you so much for including me in your incredible wedding weekend. I had such a blast! -MJ