cam + nate || kent island, maryland

wait for it...

...waaaaait for it...

-deep breath-

AHMAHGAD!MYFIRSTGAYWEDDING! WHEEEEEEEEEE!! Sorry, HAD to get that out of the way. I know, a gay wedding is a catholic wedding is an agnostic wedding is a wedding is a wedding is a wedding; but this one felt especially wonderful seeing as how we're still mid-way through getting all of our american citizens their civil rights AND these two gents are good buds of mine. anywho, the day was BLAZINGLY hot, we're talking mid-90s with 100% humidity, but boy, did everyone keep a cool head and enjoy the beautiful union! 

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congratulations, cammy and nate! such an honor to be a part of your big day, love you bunches! -M
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