baby liam

Alright, I'll admit it: I am totally getting spoiled with all these infant shoots. They've swiftly become my favorite subject, and it's more because of the unique challenge each little one presents (and not just because I get to be all googly-eyed and hang out with tiny adorable humans for work!).

I think I'm a little extra spoiled working with the Waller family; in under a year, I've gotten to document the big changes their little family has experienced, and it gets more fun every time we get together. So a big welcome to baby Liam, can't wait to see how he grows! 

It's not just from experience that I know big brothers are awfully goofy...

...but they can be awfully sweet, too!

Captain Liamerica; the reluctant superhero!

oh! check out a little behind-the-scenes action: Aly grabbed these pictures of me scooping up a less-than-happy-to-be-excluded-from-a-picture Noah. Multi-tasking? Gettin' it done! Cheers, y'all! -M