november in savannah - pt. II of III

Welcome to part II! We left off with the most extraordinary rehearsal dinner just outside of downtown Savannah. I miiiiight have tromped around all night downtown, popping in to see friends (hi, Stephanie!) and hanging out with R's Oklahoma homies and Jeanne's family from Baton Rouge. I was a little bit fuzzy the next morning, but the supremely chilly air (read: freezing!) woke me up quickly. The amazing farmer's market was in full swing, and I bought a whole host of delicious tasty local goodies that I can't disclose because friends up here haven't received them yet. 

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Anyways, I had two little shoots in the morning, the first was with Brian, a bud I met in the SCAD ceramics department who's still studying away (go, go finals week!).

He was a total champ despite the chilly temperatures! Cheers, darlin.

Things warmed up a little bit by the time Kasey came around for her shoot. She's graduating from Valdosta State in December (woo, congratulations!). 

The sun was all bright and shiny in time to rush home and get all dolled up for the day. Y'all, I don't generally wear much makeup at all when it comes to shooting weddings, nor do I paint my fingernails (three different colors), or wear floor-length gowns, or get to wear shoes that are cute (as opposed to comfortable). *extremely girly geek-out moment*  


Feeling well polished, we hiked the whopping five blocks from our place to St. John's Cathedral. I hadn't been inside since I first visited Savannah in my Girl Scout days (which equates to middle school).

Confession: every single wedding I've ever shot, I've cried at, even if it's just a little. I'm an empathetic and pretty sensitive person by nature, but when I'm shooting, it helps going through the process step-by-step to not lose it and turn in to a bawling baby. I see all the little moments, like watching bridesmaids react to seeing their lady all dressed and made-up, or seeing a father and daughter exchange tearful and happy smiles before heading down the aisle, and they're all wonderful but they're also spaced out and easy to handle. Seeing my beautiful friend walk through the doors of St. John's on her papa's arm, wearing the most supremely elegant dress that fit her so well (not just in the tailoring) and beaming a positively radiant smile looking up the aisle at her future husband got me. I giggled and burst in to tears, and almost forgot to snag a picture of this perfect moment.

And for the first time in my life, I sat (and stood, and kneeled appropriately) through a full catholic wedding, received communion, and did nothing but appreciate the moments as they passed. It was a beautiful ceremony, and I was so happy to bear witness to it all.

How fantastic is Jeanne's mama's dress?!


It's traditional during Catholic ceremony to place a bouquet of roses at the feet of Mary; there was a small alcove just to the right of the alter where this happened at St. John's. I can't get enough of the robin's egg ceilings with their gold detailing.

Time to hop on a trolley and head to the Ships of the Sea museum in Downtown to party down! Also, lovin' up on this subtle greenery. It smelled wonderful and fit the soft colors of the wedding.

I shot a wedding at the museum back before I'd graduated from school, but WOW, was it transformed. This was the garden bar area:


Center and right are my dear friends (patroness of the arts) Bobbi and Clinton (one of the geniuses behind ArtRise), both that I met working with Jeanne at DeSoto gallery, and on the left is Clinton's roommate and my new friend Jared!

My friend's Bevin and Siobhan of Paprika Southern (S. was my other gallery mom from DeSoto!) - they were in the wedding party! All the bridesmaids had intricately braided hair with flowers interlaced in their locks. Anywho! Back to the reception: the pergola area was turned in to a mini-gallery with hors d'oeuvre to order.f

So, I'm from Maryland, so naturally I'm a stickler about crab cakes. This was one of the most magical fried crustacean cakes ever; the mango chutney and capers in the tartar sauce were such a nice touch. Kudos, Susan Mason Catering!

These are my new buds Anna and Aaron; former SCAD kiddies now living in Philly, and both very talented artists. 

All of the hanging art was by a local Savannah artist named Olivia Beaumont. Her paintings feature wonderfully whimsical animal portraiture. 

This rustic and romantic cake was so beautiful (and delicious, woo for carrot cake!). 

Woohoo, the Mr. and Mrs.!!

On to dinner! 


And after dinner, we dance! Delightful jazzy string group with a Sinatra-style singer to keep our feet moving. 


I spent the rest of the evening in the great company and got to run around Savannah in a full-length gown (woo!) But wow, what a sublime day! So well planned (major props to Curly Willow Designs and a tip of the hat to French Knot for a superb job) and full of sweet details to surprise and delight all the guests, food and drink to please every palate, and all full of love. I'm so excited to see the real photographs from this gig, apparently there's some film work (!) done by Katherine Holly Everett, be sure to keep her on your radar! Congratulations, R + Jeanne, a spectacular wedding for spectacular folks!

Hang tight for part III - a day spent on Tybee letting my inner food photographer run wild. Cheers! -MJ