henry rollins - washington d.c.

Random Tuesday adventure? Alright! My cousin moderated an arm-chair lecture by Henry Rollins on his experiences in DC, on the punk scene, on life and art and all sorts of things. 

Rollins was incredibly charismatic; funny, full of stories, and with greatly realistic advice. Plus he spent at least five minutes of the lecture doing a William Shatner impression. My favorite take-away from the night was this little bit:  "You gotta be brave. You have to have guts. And if you don't have them, you find them." 


Also, Ian MacKaye - such a kind, cool, calm, down-to-earth dude. Having him in the audience just a few seats away was pretttttttty neat-o, not gonna lie. Hearing tales of punk on the road, of what music can do for people, for communities, for the world....well, it was a damn good night. -MJ