brendan + kathy family//engagement shoot, pt. I

Woof! What a weekend. Between the glorious weather, crammed social calendar, and the little tidbits of work crammed in to the last two days, I am feelin' sleepy. At this point in the day (12.52 a.m.), I'm all about getting to the point, so I'm just going to upload some of the pictures from the awesome family // engagement shoot I did today with Brendan, Kathy, and their two little girls; Lily, the energetic firecracker, and Kaelyn, the cool little cucumber. I'll let the pictures do the talking!

where does Lily get this energy!? I think I've an idea...

Notice the 'pt. I' in the title? Yeah?! Wait 'til next Sunday and I can show you the rest of our SUPERSNEAKYSECRET photos we took! Check ya later -Mary