brendan + kathy family//engagement shoot, pt. II

FIrst of all--a big hug and happy Mother's Day to all the maternal ladies out there. All of you mommas, aunties, godmothers, grans, etc...thanks so much for what you do! I know it can seem a thankless task kissing scrapes, dealing with teenage angst, and juggling all that life throws out, but it's always appreciated. We love ya!

Remember this blog post with Brendan and Kathy? Well, I had the pleasure of photographing not just these dynamic four, but the Brendan's three brothers, a sister-in-law, and a niece + nephew for a surprise Mamma's Day gift to the amazing lady who heads their family. 

Did I mention I've known all of these guys since I was a little girl? I'm fairly certain I can recall Dave hanging me upside down by my ankles, Pat chasing me around during games of hide-and-go-seek tag, and countless nights where Mike spent the night over hanging out with my big brother. That said, it's always an interesting experience photographing people I've known for so long; I'm always very comfortable around them, but doing my utmost to make sure the pictures come out great.

Anywho! Without further ado...

I see you, little miss--making faces while you think my back is turned. 

And then the whole lot of them...

"Okay, okay...pretend to be serious."

"Great. Now go back to your normal selves..."

And here's yours truly after wading up to my thighs to get that shot. Worth it? Absolutely! I adore those pictures.