earth day and other happenings.

It's been pretty quiet on this little blog of mine, owing mainly to the incredible tragedy that hit my little community on the 10th. We lost four beautiful boys, and though that was only 12 days ago, it simultaneously feels like yesterday and years past. Kent Island has rallied to support friends, families, and strangers alike, and it's been a humbling experience to be apart of such a strong surge of love. For those of you folks not on the ol' facebook, I started a documentary project about it that you can check out here

Outside of my little island, a lot of insane things have been happening. My heart goes out to other communities dealing with tragic losses; I hope they've experienced the same hope and love that has sustained us here on the Eastern Shore. For most of us on the Island, Sunday was a beautiful and quiet day that marked the beginning of a new start. I think everyone, both at home and farther abroad, is ready for life to continue on, to find ourselves returning to a new sense of normality, and to keep living (maybe a little extra) for those we carry in our hearts and minds. The sunset last night was certainly a reflection of this...

On a much brighter note, it's Earth Day! Here's to that big hunk of rock and water three stops from the sun: thank you for being an unending source of curiosity and inspiration. You may be over 4.5 billion years old, but you're still beautiful to me. Momma Earth is certainly one of the reasons why I've perused photography, mainly as a means of sharing all of the beautiful visions I've stumbled upon. Here's a little montage of images I've captured over several years time in celebration!

What's everyone up to on this beautiful Earth Day? Any great green plans? I'll be going for a run when I get home from work, and picking up litter on our beach. Check out this cool link on some tips for helping out our home base today and every day. -Mary